Increase your likeability with these tips

1. Be cheerful

Increase your likeability with these tips

Try smiling even if there’s nothing to smile about. Typically people like to surround themselves with positive people. Smiling can not only make you seem more inviting, it can also make you more attractive.

If smiling doesn’t come naturally to you, practise at home! Think about something recent that you found really funny. This will not only make you smile, it will make you happy too.

2. Be positive

If the things you have to say about others are positive, the chances are they will begin to like you. Aim to be encouraging around your peers and try to employ a ‘can do’ attitude.

It might be tempting to join in a gossiping session about another person, but it’s best if you avoid it. If someone directly addresses you on a subject that you feel uncomfortable with, like talking about another person, try to tactfully change the subject.

3. Be trustworthy

Aim to be a person of your word. When you commit to things, follow them through the to the best of your ability. If you’re not able to make a commitment, tell the truth instead of lying. Forgiveness is far easier if you are honest. This can build loyalty and trust over the long-term.

Try not to instantly agree to something you are unsure about. If it’s something that you cannot do, politely say “no”.

4. Be interesting

If you think your life could be more interesting, try pursuing a new hobby or interest. You could listen to a new genre of music, join a local sports team or read one of this month’s top selling books. Pursuing a number of things in your spare time gives you much more things to talk about, which helps you connect with more people.

Don’t let your reservations or expectations stop you from trying something that you think you’ll really enjoy.

5. Be easy-going

Stress can be contagious. Even though you don’t realise it, your stress levels can have a knock-on effect on those around you. To minimise this occurrence, you can take a few steps to improve the ability to counter stress in the presence of others.

Try to not be so concerned when something isn’t going as planned. Use humour to diffuse tough situations and let the small things go.

You can overcome stress by taking long, deep breaths – give it a go next time.

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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