How to utilise the valuable time after work

1. End your working day at a set time

How to utilise the valuable time after work

Working too much overtime doesn’t give you enough time to enjoy your private life. If you do too much, instead of doing all of the fun things you’ve planned to do, you just end up collapsing on your bed and falling asleep until work the next day.

Ending your day at a fixed time will enable you to have a life that’s separate from your career.

2. Spend 30 minutes by yourself

It seems like we are always in a hurry these days – we don’t know how to properly relax. Even grabbing a coffee with a friend turns into a half hour catch up with what’s happening in their lives. When was the last time you sat down in a quiet room and contemplated on your thoughts?

A good way to cope with the stresses of the day is to evaluate what’s happened. If you don’t, the negativity can build up and boil over. When you get home, make a hot drink, sit down and really think about what’s happened. This way you will get some proper rest and solve all of the problems flying around your head.

3. Plan the following week on the weekend

We have a tendency to make plans for the following week, but when it comes round we often forget about them because we haven’t noted them down. To get over this hurdle and to maximise your time in the week, take around an hour to organise your life on the weekend.

This will help you remember all of your plans and give you something to look forward to after work.

4. Write a blog

Everyone seems to be writing their own blog nowadays. If you’ve ever wondered why, or think writing things down might benefit you, you should give it a try. Writing down and sharing our thoughts on issues can help us out a great deal. It can end up being a journal that not only helps you avoid the same mistakes you’ve made in the past, but it could help others going through the same things as you.

Writing blogs can help you start thinking in a logical and structured manner. You will also be able to tell how you’ve evolved in both your personal and professional life over time (if you decide to blog about those topics). Getting a blog up and running is really simple, so why not give it a try?

5. Exercise in the morning

Going for a run or making the trip to the gym before work is a great time saver to give you more time to do things in the evening. This can also prepare you for the potentially stressful day ahead. It can help you stay focused, keep your cool and increase productivity. Give it a try and see how your mind and body adapt.

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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