What to avoid for a long lasting relationship

Here are a number of things to take into consideration for a long lasting relationship.

What to avoid for a long lasting relationship

1. Don’t complain to your friends about your partner

Talking about your significant other to your friends will only get you in trouble. In general, you shouldn’t talk about people behind their backs, but your partner should be totally off limits. The only reason you should bring them up in conversation is if you have something great to say about them.

2. Don’t compare yourself to other couples

If you want to build a strong relationship, you need to have complete faith in it. Live life at your own pace and only make significant moves ahead when you’re both ready. There’s no need to follow your friends and family members – their life timeline isn’t yours.

3. Don’t play the victim or place blame

Couples who lay blame at each other’s doors tend to fall apart quite easily – as do couples when one half makes themselves a martyr in a tough situation. Couples really should try to share the blame and have an adult conversation to discuss what went wrong. Working through problems like this can help you grow as a couple.

4. Don’t criticise one another

Every person has their faults – strong couples will know this. They learn to accept them rather than complain about them. The strongest couples are made out of two individuals that focus on improving their weaknesses, rather than lambasting them.

5. Don’t think you can read your partner’s mind or expect him/her to read yours

In simple terms… communicate! Aim to discuss what’s bothering you without having the fear of it ending up in an argument. It should be a nice surprise when your partner reads your mind or mood and acts accordingly – just don’t expect it will happen.

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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