Reasons to move abroad

1. It will make you a more confident person

Reasons to move abroad

It takes a lot of courage to pack up and leave your home comforts to start a new life abroad. It’s a nerve-wracking yet exciting experience, but it’s definitely worth it.

Not only do you have to be confident to actually make the decision to move abroad, you will also build your confidence as you will constantly be putting yourself in new situations that you may not have encountered back at home.

2. You will make new friends

Your current group of friends may be great – you will have known them for long enough you consider them as family. But moving abroad will force you to socialise with people that you don’t already know on a regular basis.

With these new people, you will engage in conversations and do things that you may not have done in your home country. Living in a new country may lead you to challenge your perceptions of people, making great new friends along the way.

3. Discover a new culture

Even if you are moving to another English-speaking country like America or Australia, you will still experience, and possibly adopt a new culture.

This can range from the ingredients and dishes of the local cuisine to the working hours and professional attire. You will be surprised what’s considered ‘normal’ in different countries!

You will increase your understanding of the new country and meet people that you wouldn’t have expected to back at home.

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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