Why kind people are amazing

Even though acts of kindness rarely make the evening news, it doesn’t make them any less prevalent. Here are a number of reasons why kind people are outstanding.

Why kind people are amazing

1. They can give us hope

It’s great when we find those stories on social media that are along the lines of ‘minimum wage worker donates a day’s salary to homeless shelter for Christmas’. It not only lifts our spirits, it urges us to do something good for others too.

2. They are selfless

Kind people typically put others before themselves. They take pleasure in seeing joy entering other people’s lives rather than accumulating tangible rewards. In a world where the majority of us are motivated by money and nice things, it refreshing to find others who are motivated by people’s happiness.

3. They don’t seek out praise

Not only do kind people not expect a return for their help, they rarely take any credit for their actions. Even though those affected shower them in complements, kind people typically respond with “it’s not a big deal” or “anytime”.

4. They don’t judge others

Kind people tend to see everyone as equals – they don’t judge. People who base others on stereotypes and biases miss out on so many possible connections. Kind people rarely do this – they accept everyone who enters their lives with the intention of creating a long lasting friendship.

5. They aren’t takers

Kind people give and give, and don’t expect to get anything back. They are happy by simply helping people – they create opportunities for others, rather than taking it for themselves.

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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