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Key skills that are difficult to learn but pay off in the end

Time management

Key skills that are difficult to learn but pay off in the end

Employers are always on the lookout for candidates that have effective time management skills. Although there isn’t one ‘correct way’ of managing your time, finding one that works could be the key to your success.

Mastering your sleep pattern

Regardless of what sleep hack you choose to follow, establishing a routine is key for a successful sleep pattern. Many studies show that being consistent with your sleep can make it easier to fall asleep and wake up at a certain time.

Asking for help

Knowing when you need help and then asking for it is a very difficult skill to learn and do. This is mainly because people don’t want to be perceived as incompetent or weak.

But a recent Harvard Business School study suggests that asking questions can make you more capable, not less. According to the study, when you ask someone for advice, you validate their expertise or intelligence, which makes you more likely to gain their acceptance.


In the office we are all bombarded with phones ringing, instant messaging, emails, meetings… we can only tolerate so much before we need to zone out. Actively listening is a difficult skill to master, but if you can master it, you will soon find out how much easier it is when everybody is on the same page.


Whether you are working on a new project at work, starting a new exercise routine or studying for exams – consistency is vital for success.

Your motivation can waver when you reach the top, but to maintain that position you should work as hard, or even harder and be more consistent in your work.

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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