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Supercharge your success rate with these productivity hacks

Enter the two hour hermit mode

Supercharge your success rate with these productivity hacks

This is a simple task to help you focus. For two hours each day, focus on your work and try to complete your impending tasks without any distractions. Try to block out everything, be it noise, colleagues, emails… just focus on the tasks at hand.

To enter hermit mode, do the following:

1. Turn your phone and emails off.

2. Shut down all social media.

3. Let your friends/family/colleagues know your situation.

4. Try to find a quiet place.

5. Have some water and healthy snacks next to you.

If two hours is too demanding, cut it down to one, or even 30 minutes if you are pressed for time. You will be surprised with how much you can actually get done.

Ignore your phone and emails for as long as possible

When you are working on something, seeing emails pop up left right and centre, or hearing your phone vibrate on your desk can be very distracting. By putting your phone on silent and turning off email notifications can improve your productivity. Just remember to turn them back on after a time otherwise you could miss something important!

Start your day doing what you dislike

This doesn’t sounds like a positive productivity hack, but getting things out of the way will enable you to end the day on a high.

When we have boring or unpleasant tasks on our to-do list, we tend to procrastinate. As a result of this, we push the tasks to the end of the day and then don’t have enough time to do it at all.

If you do these tasks at the beginning of the day, they are out of the way for you to continue with the tasks you actually enjoy.

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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