Five ways to clear your mind before bed

1. Write down your thoughts

Five ways to clear your mind before bed

To avoid your thoughts bouncing around your head all night, try writing them down. Grab a notepad or if you’ve got a note-taking app on your phone, enter them there. This will store your thoughts in a safe place for later.

2. Visualisation

If you want to calm your mind when you get into bed, try visualisation. Imagine your thoughts escaping your head into a basket, ready to be picked up when you wake the next morning.

3. Meditation

Regular meditation has many benefits including a calmer mind and improved sleep. Try to meditate every day to calm your racing mind, or use your meditation techniques by focusing on your breathing when getting ready for sleep.

4. Make a promise to continue your thoughts when you wake

Your mind is very persistent. It will keep throwing around thoughts, ideas and worries as long as you let it. Make a promise to continue these thoughts in the morning. This closure can help you get to sleep.

5. Complete all your thinking before you get into bed

If you tend to watch TV, text your friends or stay on the computer up until bedtime, your mind might be coming alive as soon as you get into bed. This habit can have a negative effect on the quality of sleep you get. Try switching your devices off for at least 30 minutes before lights out. Then you will be able to free your mind and sleep soundly for the rest of the night.

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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