Top tips for moving abroad

1. Pack light

Top tips for moving abroad

Planning to move overseas for two years? Well you certainly don’t need two years of stuff. Shops do exist outside of the UK! Also, if you’re relocating to a totally different culture, you might view your material possessions in a different light after a certain period of time.

2. Give yourself time to settle in

You won’t settle in overnight. It typically takes around three months to absorb the new culture and integrate within the community. Try to say yes to all social invitations that you wouldn’t normally accept, especially if you do not have any friends in the country yet. Like starting a new job or moving to a new city in the UK, it will take time. Try to be patient.

3. Welcome the new culture

Be ready to experience new customs, experiences and food. It’s one of the main reasons you’re moving abroad!

4. Expect that learning a new language will be difficult

Unless you have taken the language at college or university, it will most likely be hard to fully master. Try to focus on the basics in the beginning; the locals will be much friendlier if they know you are trying. Remember, every country has its own ‘slang terms’ and sayings, so there is bound to be some miscommunication. Don’t be put off!

5. Make friends

Befriend the locals instead of clinging onto other expats in your local vicinity. They can help you find places in town that others don’t know about, offer you a ride when in trouble and even help find you a place to live.

6. Find out what your new country does not have

Will you be able to fill out your current prescriptions? Will you be able to procure your favourite food? It can be a shock to the system if most of the country’s supermarkets don’t stock your favourite comfort food. Do your research!

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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