Four things to remember if you are struggling emotionally

When you are going through a tough time, it can be very hard to concentrate on anything apart from how hard it feels. Try embracing your struggles instead by focusing on these four truths…

1. Know that you’re getting stronger

Instead of racking your brain for all the reasons behind your pain, try to focus on the fact that you will become a stronger person because of it. You’re taking small steps to a brighter future!

2. This will lead you to a new chapter in your life

Life is full of trials and tribulations. Without navigating through them, we won’t get to the great parts.

Think about this: in the context of the world, very few people are born in the most beautiful parts. The majority of people will have to travel to get there. To do this, you would need to save up for a plane ticket, wait at the airport, fly there, you might lose a bag… but you will finally get there. You will then appreciate the beauty more because of the journey.

Know you’re on the right track, but remember that you might have to do a bit of travelling first.

Four things to remember if you are emotionally struggling

3. Your own narrative is developing

Try to think about your life as a novel when you’re going through a rough time. If someone were reading your story, would it be interesting without any setbacks? Probably not!

Think about how boring your life would be if your journey were just a comfortable train ride the whole way through. You wouldn’t be grateful for what you have. You wouldn’t learn much. You wouldn’t test your limits. If you embrace your adventurous side, you might just feel great by doing so.

4. You can inspire

When you overcome your struggle and come out the other side wiser and stronger, you can inspire others to do the same.

You can be the source of someone’s hope. They can use your story to keep fighting.

If you feel you are struggling through a tough time, a life coach may be able to set you on the right track. Use our advanced search tool to find a life coach in your area.

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Written by Ross East
Written by Ross East
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