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We all have the ability to bounce back from most of life’s setbacks. So why do we find it so hard?

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It can be very difficult to gather your thoughts and feelings straight after a setback. Depending on the nature of it, you might feel lost, insecure and go into a state of panic. But we can bounce back when we put our mind to it! Here’s how:

How we can bounce back from:

A break-up

If you’re on the receiving end of a break up, it can release very strong feelings of panic and insecurity such as “I’m unlovable”, “I can’t cope” or “it’s all my fault”. What’s helpful to counteract these feelings is to discuss them with a friend, cook a lovely meal or organise something fun to take your mind off it. If you can’t see any way of reconciling, try to move on by asking yourself what you want out of your next relationship.

A loss of confidence at work

There could be a number of reasons why you have lost confidence in your working environment. It could be because of your home life, your health or relationships.

Try asking yourself if you’re happy with the way your career is going. Do you have a sense of purpose? Have you done a task well for so long that you don’t get recognition for it anymore? These are the questions you should ask yourself to find the source of the problem, and then you can address the situation.

Feeling depressed

If you’re feeling very low, the first thing you want to do is to retreat to your comfort zone until the moment passes. This can be helpful if you reflect on your situation, but extended periods in this bubble can worsen feelings or symptoms.

Diet and exercise can play a massive part in boosting your mood. Try going outside at least once a day – on your own or with a friend – to boost your mood. When you get back, make a healthy meal that will give you all of the energy to last the rest of the day.

The death of a loved one

There will be a whole host of feelings you will go through when you lose a loved one. They might include incredible sadness, disbelief and anger. You just need to remember these feelings are normal within the first year of your loss – everybody else goes through the same thing.

A loss of trust

Being unable to trust anyone only keeps you stuck in one place where you won’t be able to develop relationships or experience life to its fullest. Start by trusting yourself, and then you can start building relationships with others.

If you think you could use some help to bounce back from a setback, a life coach may be able to help. To contact a life coach in your area, please use our advanced search tool.

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Written by Ross East
Written by Ross East
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