How to stop making bad choices

We are all faced with trials that require decisions to be made. How we come to these decisions however, is the thin line between success and failure.

When we make bad choices, typically we are overwhelmed by emotions such as worry, hopelessness, stress and fear. These end up being the driving force of the decision-making process, when really they shouldn’t.

Here are a number of situations that lead to bad choices:

  • Your inflated ego and self-image blocks you from taking any encouraging input on board to make the right choice.
  • You cling to the fear of failure, which outweighs the greater reward.
  • You focus on the negative outcomes rather than the positive.
  • Your obsession for being in control often affects your choices.
  • Your hidden intention to fail overpowers your decision process; you shy away from taking on the extra responsibility.
  • You act on impulse, not taking enough time to weigh up all options.
  • To rectify these actions we need to look inward and explore our emotions, and then understand the process of these decisions. Here are a few ways to we can do this:

Discover your state of awareness

How to stop making bad choices

To make changes in your life you need to understand how your thoughts are limiting you and causing you problems. When you are truly self-aware, you will be able to tell how you are feeling, what assumptions you are making, what expectations you have and how the things you are doing are affecting your core beliefs. Knowing all of this takes a great deal of honesty.

The more honest you are with yourself, the greater ability you have to make choices with clarity.

Take a step back

When you encounter a problem, pause for a moment and try to envisage the solution. Most of us never jump the first hurdle, we think about the negative – the enormity of the task, the difficulty, what else is involved etc.

We then make decisions out of anxiety, fear and frustration. So try to expand your perspective and focus on the solution to get past the inevitable obstacles.

Find the ambiguity of the situation

There are positives and negatives in most situations. Think of a negative scenario that you’ve encountered in the past, were there any positives that came out of that situation? Also, have any negatives issues arisen after a positive choice? This makes us more aware of how our decisions affect us, and will give us a great base for decision-making in the future.

If you feel like you are constantly making bad decisions, a life coach may be able to help you get back on track. To find a life coach in your area, please use our advanced search tool.

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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