How to achieve big goals in three simple steps

Thinking big is great, but it’s a tough journey where actions speak louder than words.

You might be asking yourself, “Is it worth thinking big?” The answer is yes, but you need to start now if you want to achieve the big results. Here are three steps you can take to unlock the secret to thinking big.

Believe you can do it

You must be able to envisage yourself achieving these massive goals. It can be difficult to visualise yourself at the finish line in your current position in life, but remember all goals take time to achieve – with the biggest goals taking the longest.

If you can see any personal roadblocks that might inhibit you from reaching these goals, you need to try to overcome them. By removing these roadblocks, you are taking the first steps to achieving whatever you want in life.

Think even bigger

If the steps to achieve your goal don’t make you uncomfortable, you probably aren’t dreaming big enough.

Three steps to achieve big goals

Would you be happy if this was the only thing you could be remembered by? If not, you might want to think bigger.

Take this thought process further. What would you like to add to it?

How would you go about achieving these extra things?

Take action

You thoughts must be followed by actions. If they aren’t, you will most likely think up excuses about why you can postpone them. This can lead your thoughts to end up on the ‘I’ll do it at some point” list.

Try to direct your steps towards your goals, otherwise you might just realise that you end up further away from your intended goal than when you started.

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Written by Ross East
Written by Ross East
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