Positive actions for self-improvement

We explore five positive actions that you can take to find a sense of fulfilment.

Self-improvement is a tough nut to crack when you live a hectic life. Work, personal relationships, day-to-day tasks… they all add up to leave you very little spare time to focus on ‘being better than you were yesterday’.

Actions are better than intentions. Just because you have been meaning to learn the guitar does not mean you can now play Wonderwall. To start your journey of self-improvement, you need to take small, actionable steps to start with so you don’t fall into the wishful thinking trap where you imagine doing something, rather than doing it.

Thank you note

Try and think of someone who has helped you recently, displayed a small token of kindness or has simply been a good friend. Send them a note of thanks, and offer your help back. This might not seem as self-improvement, but developing your personal relationships plays a key role in your journey.

Make a list

Make a list of the most important things in your life. Limit the list to less than five and prioritise them. These things could include people, goals, principles to live by or anything you can think of. Remind yourself of these when you lose perspective.

Take a break without your mobile phone

Try taking a five-minute walk without your mobile phone to allow thoughts to flow through your mind without any distractions.

This can prove beneficial to both your physical and mental health.

Learn a new language

Learning a new language is tough but can be a way to improve your skillset. In this digital age, learning a coding language can be extremely beneficial not only for you, but for your friends and colleagues too. There are plenty of resources online for learning coding languages so you can get started ASAP.

Start a Pinterest board of what you aim to be

This can start with your role models, things you want to learn, positive images and any other things that might increase your motivation to succeed. If visualisation helps you achieve your goals in life, this might be the perfect opportunity for it.

If you feel you need advice on how to self-improve, you may want to consult a life coach. Find a coach in your area using our advanced search tool.

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Written by Ross East
Written by Ross East
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