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Simple things that make for a happy, long-lasting relationship

We explore the little things that can help reinforce connections and keep couples happy.

Seeing elderly couples together with 25 years of marriage under their belts can be quite astonishing, but when you look closely often these relationships have survived because of the little things couples do to keep the spark alive.

Below we explore five things that can help to reinforce connections and keep your relationship happy and strong for many years to come.

1) Express gratitude for your partner

Simple things that make for a happy, long-lasting relationship

In a previous blog post we explored the importance of gratitude – particularly for strengthening relationships. Ultimately, your marriage vows shouldn’t be the only occasion when you express how much you are happy and grateful for having your partner in your life. Make an effort to show how much you care on a regular basis.

2) Check in with each other

A busy lifestyle can often mean communication between couples starts to falter, but happy couples tend to be those who regularly text and call each other during the day. This simple act is a strong sign that you are thinking of your partner and that you care.

3) Work on something together

Working as a team is a great bonding activity, and whether you are training for a marathon, decorating a room or sharing an obscure hobby – doing something together will really help to bring you closer.

4) Support each other’s ambitions

A happy relationship requires a mutual understanding and respect of each other’s needs, dreams and goals. Happy couples care about each other’s hopes, listen to each other’s thoughts and feelings and are there for each other during difficult times.

5) Have fun

Taking life and a relationship too seriously will affect your happiness, and the most content – and resilient – couples tend to be those who are not afraid to laugh at each other, invent their own silly language and take life as it comes.

Life coaches understand that couples may need help at some stage in their relationship to rediscover the romance and strengthen bonds. To find out more about the advice and support they can offer to get your relationship back on track, please see our relationships page. 

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Written by Tamara Marshall

Written by Tamara Marshall

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