How to feel better as a parent

Parenting can be hard and stressful, but there are ways to relax and enjoy spending time with your children while being the best you can be.

It is easy to get overwhelmed with parenting these days, thanks in particular to societal pressures and ever-changing child-rearing theories that can put a lot of pressure on parents.

Many will worry that that they are not doing their best, and some may blame themselves if their children get into trouble or experience difficulties.

Parenting however doesn’t have to be stressful and chaotic, and there are ways to enjoy being a parent without worrying whether you are doing a good job.

Here is a simple guide to feeling better as a parent:

Spend more time with your kids

How to feel better as a parent

Research shows that parents in the UK work the longest hours in Europe and try to make up for it by buying their kids all the latest gadgets. This can be easily resolved if you make simple changes to your daily routine. Cut out the weekly food shop by ordering online for home delivery and ensure mealtimes are spent socialising with the family. This will give you more valuable time to spend with the kids.

Try not to shout

Shouting and yelling about your frustrations can negatively impact a child’s development. If they need to be told off, aim to do this calmly but firmly, telling them what they have done is wrong and establishing clear rules there and then.

Set a good example

Do you swear and curse in front of your children? Children are always watching and listening, so they pick up behaviours – both positive and negative – very quickly. To bring up children that are honest, respectful and balanced, parents need to make sure they are setting a role that matches this.

Do fun things together

Dedicate your weekends and spare time to having fun with your kids – playing games, taking them for bike rides, going to the park or doing sports. This will not only help to strengthen bonds, but the physical exercise will keep everyone active and happy due to the release of endorphins.

Kids aren’t perfect either  

Parents often strive to live up to an image of parenting perfection, but they may also put this pressure on their kids too. Setting sights too high and wanting our children to do well is inevitable, but lowering standards and accepting that kids are going to spill things and lose their tempers is essential for relaxing into the role of a parent and enjoying it wholly.

If you need some extra guidance on how to rear your children into happy, healthy, well-rounded individuals, you may want to consider parent coaching.To find out more about this service, please see our parenting page. 

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Written by Tamara Marshall

Written by Tamara Marshall

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