The apps that can change your life

Check out these five apps that help to boost mood, well-being and productivity.   

With the advent of technology such as smart phones and tablets, we now have access to specially designed, self-contained programmes that aim to enhance existing functionality in a simple and easy way.

Apps (short for ‘applications’) are used by a vast majority of businesses to provide services that are more varied and intelligent than ever.

Some apps even claim to use psychological principles to enhance well-being and productivity – encouraging users to keep track of their fitness regimes, mood, and lifestyle choices, while also offering a source of worry management and dream analysis.

The question is however, can an app really help to improve your life and instil some valuable life-influencing wisdom into your day-to-day routine?

Check out the following apps that claim to do just that.

Headspace (Free – Apple, Android and iOS) 

This app is designed to teach you the techniques of mindfulness, which is beneficial for boosting mood and helping you to cope with everyday pressures. Headspace offers 10 short meditations and four brief videos explaining what meditation is. You can keep track of how many meditations you have listened to and set yourself personal meditation goals.

My Rewards (Free – iOS)

This app is based on the key parenting principle that rewards should be given for good behaviour. Simple to use star charts encourage positive behaviour by motivating children with rewards such as stickers. This app is particularly useful for parents when they’re out with the kids.

Way of Life (Free, or £2.99 if you want to monitor more than three goals – iOS)

This app is also designed to help with behaviour. Way of Life allows you to select personal goals and monitor whether you have achieved them each day – providing motivational graphs to track your progress. This app can be handy for creating new habits and stopping unhelpful ones.

MyMoodTracker (Free – iOS)

MyMoodTracker can help you to pinpoint when your mood changes and why, whilst providing additional information on your sleep patterns, exercise and much more. This app may not be as advanced as others, but it is reliable and effective for helping you to monitor your mood and how it is linked to things you do.

Mindshift (Free – Apple, iOS, and Android)

Designed for teens just as much as adults, Mindshift provides useful information on how to cope with feelings of anxiety. It is simple to use and offers in-depth advice and helpful strategies to tackle the common problem. It even has a quick tip section for panicky situations.

If you’re keen to overhaul your life – whether it’s your career, relationships or health – you may want to consider life coaching. A coach can provide you with the tools needed to confidently face difficult situations and push past emotional barriers. For more information on life coaching, please see our FAQs section. 

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Written by Tamara Marshall
Written by Tamara Marshall
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