10 steps to success

Change your life by following in the footsteps of successful people.

Nicolette Wilson-Clarke

Evidence suggests successful people create and form positive habits. Rather than dwelling on the past and struggling to get through the day, they are proactive and determined to enrich their lives, create happiness and find peace and contentment.

Whilst many may argue successful people are ‘born’, research on achievement has found that success relies more on what people do, rather than who they are. So if you fancy a slice of the success cake, take a look at the following 10 steps inspired by successful people:

1) Wake up early

Research has shown that successful people will get up earlier to crack on with their morning routines. These tend to involve working towards a deadline, exercise, meditation or journal writing. Successful people typically strive to get the most important item of the day finished first thing.

2) Get active

Successful people take the view that good performance relies on keeping active and physically fit. Exercise is hugely beneficial to overall health, whether it is a simple walk in the park or a run.

3) Spend quality time with loved-ones

A particular habit of successful people is knowing when to switch off and dedicate time to be spent with friends and family. Socialising is important for maintaining relationships and boosting happiness.

4) Network and build solid relationships

Success can rely heavily on networking and building strong relationships. Connecting deeply with others can be of benefit in many ways – particularly in your career.

5) Connect with your spiritual side

A great number of top executives of major companies and successful entrepreneurs are practising meditation. This can help them to become centred and more grounded as it provides calm and a source of reflection.

6) Find joy in the littlest things

Successful people appreciate the simple things in life and are more likely to have a gratitude list where every day they list the things in their life they are grateful for.

7) Plan and strategise at peak performance periods

Knowing when to do the hard work of strategising and planning is a key habit of successful people. They will focus on when they feel at their best and when their energy is at its peak – whether it’s first thing in the morning or late at night.

8) Set boundaries

Setting boundaries allows for successful people to preserve their energy, time and space. This is important for taking care of themselves, which is crucial to their success. They realise saying ‘no’ is OK.

9) Spend and budget carefully

Keeping track of spending and learning to budget is another common habit among successful people. They will take care to keep on top of their finances.

10) Listen to your gut

Successful people will take their own advice – if something doesn’t feel right, they are most likely to follow their instinct.

If you think your career, relationships or business needs a boost, why not consider coaching? A coach can help you on your way to success, providing the necessary support and advice needed to propel you forward. For more information on coaching and how to find a coach near you, please see our FAQs page. 

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Written by Tamara Marshall
Written by Tamara Marshall
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