Don’t let your weight-loss affect your relationship

New research suggests losing weight can extinguish flames of passion, but there are ways to keep your relationship – and your waistline – stable. 

A recent report by North Carolina State University and the University of Texas has found that relationships can come under strain when one partner loses a large amount of weight.

In a survey of 21 couples – in which one partner of each couple had lost at least 15kg in under two years – results showed that overall, relationships improved. However, in couples in which one partner was not receptive to the healthy shifts of another, relationships began to crack.

Researchers learned that in some couples, both are not equally committed to making lifestyle changes. Some admitted to making critical comments towards their significant other, while others attempted to sabotage their partner with unhealthy foods in order to derail their efforts and prevent them, and the relationship, from changing.

Losing weight and getting fit can be life changing, but it doesn’t have to play havoc with your romantic life. In order to ensure losing weight doesn’t affect your relationship, consider these simple tricks:

Cook together

Eating out can be an intimate social occasion for you and your partner, but restaurant food can add pounds to your waistline and deduct them from your bank account. Cooking together at home is just as beneficial for your relationship and can help you to bond over favourite recipes and cooking tips. Plus you can control the fat and calories of each meal by cooking with fresh and healthy ingredients.

Exercise together

Chilling in front of the TV every evening can become a habit, but you can spend just as much quality time together if you go for a bike ride or a swim. Better yet, a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that those who exercise with their partner lose more weight than those who exercise on their own. Why not sign up for a marathon together to set yourself a shared challenge?

Load up on healthy snacks

Doing couply things like going on a road trip or heading to the cinema is a great way to relax and strengthen your relationship – but try to avoid tucking into sweets and other unhealthy snacks. For the car, pack some grapes, nuts, chilled melon cubes and bananas to satisfy your sweet tooth, and take light popcorn packs to the cinema so you’re not tempted to buy a big bucket of the salted version.

If you’d like some extra help in strengthening your relationship you can always talk to a relationship coach. They can offer guidance and support, and help you to overcome any issues that are affecting you as a couple. Find out more by visiting our relationships page. 

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Written by Tamara Marshall

Written by Tamara Marshall

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