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Make sure your boss knows what an asset you are with these simple steps

Keep reading for five ways to ensure your contribution to the company is recognised.

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You can be the best person in the world at your job – but if your boss doesn’t see what an asset you are, chances are you’ll get left behind when it comes to promotion time. When the decision makers consider people for raises and promotions, they can only base their decisions on what they know you’ve done. This makes it incredibly important to keep them in the loop and to be visible throughout the year, not just at review time.

The following tips should help you step out from the shadows and into the career spotlight:

1. Keep your manager informed

A lot of employees find it hard to talk to their bosses on a regular basis. This could be due to busy schedules or even a strained employee-boss relationship. Whatever the reason, now is the time to address it. Schedule in a catch up with your boss every couple of weeks and use this time to keep your manager up to date with your current projects, progress made and any accomplishments you’ve achieved.

2. Focus on results over activities

During meetings with your manager it can be easy to get lost in a checklist of things you’ve done, i.e. ‘I spoke to 10 potential clients’, rather than the results or implications. Try to look at the bigger picture when discussing your activities and mention their impact, i.e. ‘I spoke to 10 potential clients who are hungry for business and should bring in X in terms of revenue once I wrap up negotiations.’

3. Get back up

When you accomplish something and a colleague or customer gives you praise, keep note of it. If the praise came from a work colleague you could even ask them to send your manager a quick email to let them know. This kind of back-up will come in handy when providing evidence for a raise/promotion.

4. Get in front of the decision makers

Make sure your boss knows what an asset you are with these simple steps

Presenting your ideas and results well to the right people can carry as much sway in your career as doing the work itself. To get in front of the right people, ask your manager if you can present some ideas to those higher up to help practice your speaking and presentation skills. You’ll be making your boss look good by taking the initiative so work together to offer something of substance.

5. Take back any stolen ideas

It happens to the best of us – you tell a colleague about a great idea and they present it in a meeting as their own. While it is generally frowned upon to kick up a fuss and scream “that was my idea!” across the boardroom, there are ways you can regain control. When the idea is presented, expand on it with your own research and data to prove that it was you who put in the work.

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Written by Katherine

Kat is a Senior Writer for Life Coach Directory and Happiful magazine.

Written by Katherine

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