Five steps to finding a meaningful career path

Find out what steps you need to take to uncover a meaningful career path for you.

Most people agree that the key to being successful at work is finding a career you really love. Sounds simple enough, but if you’re not sure exactly what it is you’re passionate about, finding a meaningful career path can feel like an uphill struggle.

There are however some steps you can take to figure out what it is you’re passionate about so that you can then turn this into a career.

1. Reflect

A good question to ask yourself before you jump into anything is, ‘What would I still do, even if I wasn’t paid to do it?’. Whatever answer you come up with, try journaling or meditating on it to surface ideas for a career path.

2. Network

Once you have a few areas of interest you want to explore, the next step is to network. By meeting people working in the field you’re interested in, not only will you get the chance to learn more about the industry, you could also make important connections with potential employers.

3. Try out a few different fields

Once you know which industry you want to work in, try to get internships/volunteering positions in different fields so you get a taste of the whole industry. This could uncover which field you want to go into and will offer invaluable experience.

4. Be realistic

Following your dreams is empowering, but you should keep practicalities in mind. If you have to start at the bottom in your chosen career for example and you need to work for very little money (or even for free) to start with, ensure you have a back-up plan or second paid job so you can pay the bills.

5. Find your ‘why’

Finding a purpose to your life and career can lead you to both happiness and success. Figure out why you want to do the career you’ve chosen and keep it in mind throughout your journey.

If you want to find out more about career coaching and how it could help you find the job of your dreams, please read our career fact-sheet.

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Written by Kat Nicholls
Kat is a Senior Writer for Life Coach Directory and Happiful magazine.
Written by Kat Nicholls
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