How to exercise self-control in business

Is your current attitude and behaviour holding you back in your career? See our simple tips on exercising self-control below.

How to exercise self-control in business

Self-control isn’t a personality trait we think of often, but in actual fact it can help us to meet our goals and move forward in life. Being too overbearing and pushy can work against us, so if you are looking to progress in your career, utilise the tips below to help you move forward:

Learn acceptance

Learning to accept that there are things we simply don’t have the power to change is an important lesson in self-control. If things aren’t going your way at work or you have been asked to do something you aren’t crazy about, you need to learn to accept this without kicking up a fuss.

Practice empathy

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and try to imagine what is going through the other person’s head. When you feel what other people are feeling, you will be less likely to have an inappropriate knee-jerk reaction.

Learn from failure

Failure allows us to take a step back and look at what we are really doing.

In the early 90s, computer technology giant IBM found itself sliding behind rivals as its enormous corporate structure left the company unable to adapt quickly to the changing market.

John Akers, CEO at the time, did not take the failure seriously enough and as the company continued to sink he was forced out.

­While this is an extreme example, it shows how important it is to take signs of trouble seriously in business. Don’t be embarrassed to admit you may have made a bad decision. Recognise the warning signs and avoid riding on a downward spiral.

Ask for help

It isn’t unusual to panic and act in bizarre ways when we are unsure of what to do. If you are struggling to deal with certain responsibilities or subordinates, seek out your manager and ask for advice of how they have approached similar situations in the past. You can then take this advice and adapt it to find the best fit for you. Don’t be tempted to try and deal with everything on your own just so you can stay in ‘control’. Ask for help when needed and you’re likely to progress faster.

For further career help and advice, see our career coaching fact-sheet for more information.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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