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Silence your inner critic with this meditation exercise

Sometimes in life we realise we’ve ended up in a place we never thought we’d be.

It tends to happen when we reach a milestone age, or notice other people in our lives accomplishing things we haven’t. This can lead to a confusing mixture of regret, envy, longing and hope.

Some of us wallow in these thoughts, others distract themselves with the daily routine but, however much you resist that voice, it will continue to call. Sometimes the only way to silence that inner critic is to listen to it.

Your critical voice might say things like: “I am not destined to be successful, otherwise I wouldn’t have spent all this time doing things I’m not 100% happy with”, or – “There is so much competition and so many others just like me, what’s the point in trying?”

To overcome these limiting thoughts, draw up a list of everything your critical voices say and then put it away for the time being. Now you will come to a powerful moment – you can listen to this voice and you can identify the deeper message beneath the noise. What is the deep longing underneath your fears? What does your soul desire? What is it that you actually want to do? To start a new hobby, uncover a talent, explore somewhere new both physically and spiritually?

It is never too late to discover your real desires in life. You don’t have to squash them down because you think it’s ‘the wrong time’, or you’re ‘too old’. Each moment is new and full of possibility – your feelings of inadequacy or panic will only wrap you further up in your fears.

If you feel stuck, or that you’re not at the place you’d like to be in life, then hiring a life coach could help you develop a way of thinking that could help you out of that rut. Often it’s our own critical voices that stop us from being happy. Knowing what it is you’re afraid of will help to silence that voice so you can move forwards in life.

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Written by Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

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