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Couples in the same job struggle to maintain work-life balance, suggests study

According to a recent study, having the same job as your significant other could spell trouble in paradise.

Researchers from the University of Bedfordshire have found that couples who work similar jobs find it more difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

The researchers examined the lives of more than 600 individuals, around half of whom had partners who worked within the same sector.

The study participants were asked about their working hours, boundaries between their home and work life, and how often one sphere had an impact on the other.

Interestingly the results showed that individuals who had a ‘work-link’ with their partner tended to work longer hours and had more difficulty balancing work commitments with their social life in comparison to couples working in totally different sectors.

According to Professor Gail Kinman who led the study, more and more couples are now sharing similar occupations – a trend which is becoming increasingly common in the education sector.

Though the results of the study revealed that sharing a similar occupation could be beneficial for enhancing a mutual understanding of working conditions, it was also found that these couples need more support in setting boundaries between their work and home.

‘The findings suggest that doing similar work to your partner means that work issues are more likely to “spill over” into home life and threaten work-life balance.” She said.

If you are struggling to find a balance between your working life and personal life then consulting a life coach could be beneficial. Find out more by visiting our work-life balance page.
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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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