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Training a future generation of athletes: calls for compulsory PE tests in all UK schools

PE compulsory Obesity is at an all time high, good parenting is at an all-time low. Have we ‘squandered’ our chance to create an Olympic legacy of fitness, as sports medicine specialists claim?

One leading sports medicine specialist, Dr Andy Franklyn-Miller, has warned that the government’s failure to give PE the same priority as other subjects has put future generations at risk of obesity and resulting health problems.

Lessons in ‘physical literacy’ would, as Dr Franklyn-Miller claims, improve cardiovascular fitness and co-ordination.

“Let it be competitive and let us test our children against each other and identify those who need support,” he said.

The call for PE tests coincides with a statement made by the Youth Sport Trust, announcing its aim to train thousands of primary school teachers across England in specialist PE skills.

The training scheme, known as ‘Start to Move’, will be funded by private medical firm Bupa and aims to reach all primary schools in England by 2014.

Some, like Christine Blower from the National Union of Teachers, have disagreed with the idea of compulsory PE testing. Blower believes that the ‘testing’ aspect could increase negativity and only cause children to be less willing to participate.

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Written by Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

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