New shorts claim to banish cellulite

shorts weight lossIf you thought the vogue for tight lycra hot pants was safely confined to the 80s along with catsuits, perms and Wham!, you’d be sadly mistaken.

Proskin has recently launched a range of ‘cellulite-busting hot pants’ called ‘Zagorra Hot Pants’, designed to miraculously absorb inches of fat from thighs and bottoms.

The skin-tight garment is ‘impregnated’ with caffeine to make the wearer heat up and sweat. This is supposed to boost circulation, reduce cellulite and help the wearer drop a dress size in 14 days.

With claims like this it’s no wonder they’re shifting at 15,000 pairs a week. Already 40,000 people have ‘liked’ a Facebook page dedicated to Zaggora Hot Pants, with many exclaiming about the fantastic results.

One user wrote: “have lose six lbs! I ride my bike in them, wear them at work, sleep in them and run in them! Just love them so much.”

Of course, there’s no way of telling if the weight loss is down to the wearing of the shorts, or to the fact that people are wearing them while exercising.

The only thing we can be sure of, is that the marketing team at Proskin know what they’re doing. Cosmetic surgery expert Antonia Mariconda describes the campaign as ‘a lot of clever wording’. The sweating out of fluid is bound to contribute to a loss of body mass.

According to London Evening Standard journalist Victoria Stewart, the hot pants are uncomfortable, unsexy and can cause extreme thirst due to the dehydration effects of the caffeine.

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Written by Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

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