Could eating oily fish help prevent dementia?

seafood could help dementiaNew finding suggest that eating oily fish really does boost blood-flow to the brain.

British scientists conducted two studies investigating the effects of omega-3 on things like reactions times and performance during mental tasks.

Results showed that taking omega-3 supplements over a period of 3 months can boost blood-flow to active areas of the brain and improve reaction times and mental performance.

Because the findings have positive implications for degenerative conditions like dementia, scientists are keen to discover more. Dr Phillippa Jackson, head of the study, now wants to conduct the experiment using older participants.

She said: “if we can pinpoint both the behavioural and brain blood-flow effects of this fatty acid in older healthy people, then the benefits for those with mental degenerative conditions associated with normal aging could be that much greater.”

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Written by Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

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