The death of the midlife crisis

How to widen your social circleThe infamous midlife crisis is nothing but a midlife myth, according to new research by Experian Credit Expert.

Long gone are the days of balding men in jazzy sports cars and middle-aged women with suspiciously taught foreheads.

Only 13% of the 2000 adults interviewed said they would like a cosmetic makeover, and not one person voiced the desire to own a sports car.

Either there’s some serious denial going on or the midlife stereotype has suddenly become rather dated.

Experian interviewed 2000 adults between the ages of 40 and 59 for the study. The results show that men and women are now far more interested in making long-term lifestyle changes than they are in splashing out on flashy ‘toys’.

Today, the age of 40 marks the start of a midlife-renaissance, with 85% of adults having already made significant changes to their home, family and work-lives.

2/3 of those asked said that they had recently sought out and made new friends, over half had taken up a new hobby and 56% had started a new exercise regime.

A staggering 70% expressed a desire to travel the world. Men were more interested in improving their work and home lives whereas most women wanted to seek different experiences and embark on new adventures.

In light of the recent results, Peter Turner, the managing director of Experian, said the middle-aged are: “channeling their energy towards making positive, fulfilling changes”.

People seem to be realising that life does not end when the children fly the nest; rather, life begins.

By this age adults are about halfway through their working lives, and beginning to tire of it. ½ of those questioned agreed that changing their career would make them happier.

According to the BBC, 4million people in the UK are working more than 48 hours a week, which is high above the European average.

As a result, stress and depression levels in the UK are continuing to rise.

The results from Experian’s study shows that Britons are finally beginning to take action by making significant life changes. If you are interested in making changes to your life, then why not talk to a life coach? You can find a large database of experts at the Life Coach Directory.

Forget the sports car, it’s the age of adventure.

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Written by Zoe Thomas
Written by Zoe Thomas
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