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15 minutes of physical activity per day can boost life expectancy

15 minutes of physical activity per day can boost life expectancyAccording to researchers from Taiwan, 15 minutes of exercise each day could help to increase life expectancy by up to three years as well as reducing the risk of death by around 14%.

Experts have said in health journal The Lancet that this is the minimum amount of activity an adult should do if they wish to experience any health benefits.

As it stands, the current UK health guidelines recommend that adults get around 150 minutes of activity each week, whether that be made up of a few 10 minute exercise bouts each day through to five 30 minute exercise sessions every week.

Though experts have said the above health advice does still stand, they are spreading the word that 15 minutes per day is a good option for those who are currently doing little or no exercise and it can help to add years onto your life.

The experts also revealed that the more exercise individuals did, the more they gained in terms of health benefits with 15 minutes of further daily exercise reducing all-cause death rates by around 4%.

According to Sally Davies, England’s Chief Medical Officer, physical activity brings about a huge number of benefits whilst sedentary lifestyles carry risks.

“We hope these studies will help more people realise that there are many ways to get exercise, activities like walking at a good pace or digging the garden over can count too.” She said.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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