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Despite chronic stress having some serious and debilitating consequences some individuals may be surprised to find that it is actually at the route of their runny noses, aching jaws and other common problems. Read on to find out some key indicators of stress and how you can relieve them:

You have the sniffles

If you are sniffing and sneezing like there is no tomorrow this could be an indicator of stress. Stress can actually increase your reaction to allergens because it weakens the immune system. To combat this effect try taking some allergy medication and also try to exercise regularly. A 30 minute workout can help to speed up the release of epinephrine, the body’s natural decongestant.

You are having a break out

If you are usually clear skinned and have suddenly come under attack from an army of whiteheads then this may be a tell-tale sign of stress. When you feel tense and under pressure the body begins to emit extra adrenaline which subsequently causes a release of sebum, the oil in the skin which causes spots. Try using cleansing products which are aimed at reducing oiliness and if these fail then ask your doctor about sebum reducing retinoid creams.

Hair growth has ceased

Feeling anxious and stressed can interfere with hair growth. This issue is usually more noticeable among men who sometimes experience patchiness on the scalp. If this does become a real issue then make sure you are getting enough iron, vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids and take supplements if you are not.

Your period is late

If you have either missed a period or it is late then this could be a sign of stress. When we do feel the pressure our brain sometimes sends out a signal which can disrupt ovulation. If you are concerned then visit our GP who may discuss the option of oral contraceptives which can help to rebalance the reproductive hormone levels.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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