Unlikely relationship tips

Unlikely relationship tipsListening to one another, sharing the household chores and ‘respecting’ your mother-in-law are just a few of the many tips consistently given to those who are looking to maintain a happy and healthy relationship. However, if these old hat tips aren’t really doing the trick then read on to discover some slightly more unorthodox approaches which could help you on the road to relationship bliss:

1. Log off

According to Amanda McAlister from the solicitors Russell Jones & Walker, Facebook and Friends Reunited are cited in a third of their 5,000 divorce petitions per year. Often individuals find it difficult to resist striking up contact with their first love or an old flame so make sure you are upfront about any online contact you have and try to limit the amount of time you spend on social networking sites.

2. Stay smart

According to a US study those of below-average intelligence are 50 per cent more likely to divorce than those who have a higher IQ. With that in mind, make an effort to exercise your brain whether it is cryptic crosswords, evening classes or even paying more attention to the evening news.

3. Fight for your rights

A recent survey has revealed that women who consider themselves as ‘feminists’ are actually more likely to have both better sex lives and relationships.

4. You give up smoking together

Yes you may feel tense and irritable with one another after you’ve gone a week without a cigarette but long term it is couples who share similar habits and values who stand the test of time and are more likely to have a successful marriage. Figures show that if one partner is a smoker and the other is not, they stand a 75-91 per cent higher chance of splitting than couples with the same smoking status.

5. You have a nice sofa

Yes it is true, soft furnishings really can impact your marriage. Research from Harvard, Yale and MIT Universities has revealed that the texture, shape, weight and hardness of certain piece of furniture can have an effect on your mood. According to the researchers, if your surroundings are calm then you are likely to be calmer in yourself and in your relationships.

6. You smiled in your school photographs

A study conducted in Indiana examined the high school photographs of 650 adults and found that those who had the ‘weakest ‘ smiles were three times more likely to divorce later on in life. Though the reason for this is unknown, researchers believe it could be linked to the fact that those who are generally happier in life are more likely to work through any difficulties they encounter.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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