Fidgeting could be good for your health

Though it will probably annoy anyone within a close proximity, according to a recent study fidgeting could actually help to improve the heart and respiratory system.

‘Incidental activity’ such as bobbing your legs up and down, getting up to put the kettle on climbing stairs or walking around the office could help to boost long term fitness.

Researchers from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, conducted a study which involved monitoring the duration and intensity of any incidental activity using an accelerometer which volunteers wore on their right hip for a week. As well as measuring how much they moved, researchers also tested their cardio-respiratory fitness levels.

Generally the volunteers were sluggish, but those who managed 30 minutes or more of low grade physical activity each day had healthier hearts and respiratory systems.

Study leader Ashlee McGuire said: ‘It’s encouraging to know that if we just increase our incidental activity slightly – a little bit more work around the house, or walking down the hall to speak with a co-worker as opposed to sending an email – we can really benefit our health in the long-term,’ she said.

‘Best of all, these activities don’t take up a lot of time, they’re not difficult to do, and you don’t have to go to a gym.’

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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