Happy mums make for happy children

According to a recent study, children are at their happiest if they know their mum is smiling.

The study has found that almost three quarters of children are at their happiest when their mums are content in their home life and relationships.

In contrast, when mothers appear unhappy, only 55 per cent of young people are satisfied with their family life, and if fathers are unhappy it makes only a very small difference to their child’s happiness.

The Understanding Society study spoke to 40,000 young people in the UK aged between 10 and 15, asking them how they felt about their home life and family.

The study revealed that a child’s relationship with their parents is an important indicator of happiness, and it was those who lived with two parents (either biological or step), that were found to be the most content.

In addition to this, very few of those who argued with their parents more than once a week were happy and content in their home lives, and Dr Maria Iacovou, of the Institute for Social and Economic Research, commented: ‘These findings show that family relationships and the happiness of parents are key to the happiness of young people.’

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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