Valentines day on a budget

1. Write a love letter. Sounds cheesy but a hand written letter telling your partner why they are special and what it is you love about them will mean so much more than any card you could buy in the shops.

Valentines day is not all about lavish gestures and expensive gifts so if you are feeling concerned about how you are going celebrate with your other half without blowing a months earnings then there are far more authentic and less commercial ways of showing your love.
Here are a few fantastic and creative suggestions from the Telegraphs relationship expert Sarah Abell:

2. Breakfast in bed. It may be a Monday morning but making up a tray of your other half’s favourite breakfast treats will mean they will start their day with a smile on their face.

3. Cook dinner. Make an effort to source foods your other half really loves and make the room look special with tea lights, scented candles and music. Others may prefer to make a romantic picnic before driving their partner to a special romantic spot where they can eat in the car. If the weather is really awful then spread out a picnic blanket in the living room and have it there.

4. Make something. Use whatever skills you have to make a thoughtful gift. From writing a poem to simply printing and framing a photograph you’ve taken, it will be unique and appreciated.

5. Take an evening tour. Wrap up warm and go for an evening walk around a few of your favourite places as a couple. You can talk about why that place in particular reminds you of them, or if you are feeling extra romantic you could hide small notes/clues in each of the places.

6. Do something you hate.
If you are a guy who happens to hate doing the ironing then make the effort and get some done or write a few funny IOU’s for various chores. For the ladies out there, why not try playing on the Playstation or watching a film of your other half’s choice as opposed to a romantic chick flick?

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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