Social Anxiety at Christmas

Christmas gatherings, staff parties, family dinners, pub outings and new year celebrations form the social aspect of the season that many people look forward too for the entire year, but for others it has them feeling stressed and anxious.

Social anxiety is the term used to describe a condition which is characterised by high levels of anxiety in social situations such as the ones mentioned above.

These anxieties may include feeling anxious about meeting people in large groups, being watched in situations such as eating out or going shopping in public places, feelings of inferiority and like you will have nothing interesting or valuable to say or offer, extreme sensitivity to any criticism even if constructive and even physical symptoms such as blushing and stammering may be experienced.

There are various steps you can take if you suffer from social anxiety which will be able to help you gradually take back the reigns so that you can control negative feelings and experiences.

A life-coach is often very helpful in situations such as these because they will be able to work with you at establishing why it is you are feeling the way you do before helping you to identify when you are having a negative experience. Goal setting will then help aspects such as self-belief and self-awareness whic will gradually help to rebuild your social confidence.

If you would like to read our fact-sheet on life coaching for stress please click here.

Counselling is also another popular treatment for anxiety related issues and if you would like to find out more please visit the Counselling Directory for further information and to contact a qualified counsellor in your local area.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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