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Excessive texting is a health risk for teenagers

US experts have warned parents that teenagers sending 120 text messages a day are more likely to drink, smoke and have sex.

US physician and public health expert, Scott Frank recently announced at a US conference that excessive texting and use of social media is linked to risky behaviour.

In his study he and his team of researchers surveyed around 4,000 high school students aged 13 to 18 to find out about their texting and social media habits.

The results showed that around 20 per cent were what is known as ‘hyper texters’ which means they sent around 120 messages on a school day.

When lifestyle factors and income were taken into account, it was this group that were more likely than the other students to have smoked, drunk alcohol, used drugs and had sex.

Dr Frank hopes these findings will act as a wake up call to parents to help their children stay safe by not texting and driving and by discouraging excessive use of mobile phones and the internet.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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