New parent mistakes & how to avoid them

All parents make mistakes at some point or another but many of them seem to happen in during baby’s first year. Below is a list of tips which will hopefully help you to avoid making them.

1: The Panic Factor
Spending the first year of your child’s life panicking over everything and anything from vomiting to the frequency of your little angels bowel movements is nether productive or healthy and baby will pick up on that anxiety. Psychoanalyst Dr Leon Hoffman has said this level of worry will only get in the way of enjoying your infant’s first year of life. ”Babies are far more resilient than we give them credit for.”He said.

2: Cry it out
Unfortunately, parents are hardwired to do everything within their power to prevent distress in their children. Whats also unfortunate is that babies cry…a lot and this is not because we have done something wrong and need to fix it but because it is natural and part of being a baby. However, with that said if your baby is inconsolable for an hour and crying is associated with fever, rash or persistent vomiting, seek medical advice.

3: Fever
Many parents get confused and concerned about the temperate of their newborn. Any temperature of over 38C in a baby under three months (or over 39°C in a child three months or older) is considered serious and medical advice should be sought.

4: Oral hygiene
Oral hygiene is not something we naturally associate with newborn babies, but its never early to start encouraging good habits. Try not to give your baby milk in bed once teeth have started appearing as this will increase the risk of cavities developing which is known as ‘baby bottle decay’. Another good tip is to wipe down your baby’s gums with a wet cloth and start using a tooth brush as soon as the first teeth start developing.

5: Keep your relationship strong
Your new baby will all of a sudden become your first priority with everything else falling at the wayside. However, it’s really important that we work at keeping the relationship with our partners strong as a having a child will magnify any weaknesses in the relationship. Make sure you are still making time for yourselves as a couple and never feel selfish for doing so because your child will grow all the more stronger from having a close family as their foundation.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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