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Older peoples anxieties over falling can increase the risk

Elderly people who feel very anxious and worried they may fall stand a higher risk of actually falling, reports BBC News.

In a recent study researchers have found that being frightened is likely to increase an older persons risk of having a fall, even if they are not in a high risk situation.

The researchers have warned that this is something that should be taken into account when the elderly are risk assessed as clearly anxieties play a large role.

Fear of falling is very common among older people as often they find it difficult to recover. This fear can often stem from many factors such as poor balance, anxiety and depression.

Dr Stephen Lord from the University of New South Wales lead the research team, who told the British Medical Journal: ”Excessive fear of falling can lead to needless restriction in participation in physical and social activities, resulting in physical deconditioning, poor quality of life, social isolation, depression and psychological distress.”

Experts have suggested that techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy should be used to help those who are anxious about falling.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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