First day at school stress

Often it just so happens that a first day of school causes just as much anxiety in the parents as it does in their child. With September just around the corner here are a few tips from ivillage which will help to ease those anxieties.

If your child’s fast approaching first day at school is giving you sleepless nights then try not to worry too much. Reception is a very different affair to when we adults first started at school.

Nowadays it is essentially extended nursery with a focus on play time and new experiences such as dressing up, role play and outdoor exploration.

After spending lots of time with your child then suddenly shifting to spending six hours away from them five days a week it will be a difficult transition. However there are certain things you can do which will help to make the transition slightly easier for both parent and child including the following:

  • Try explaining that your child will soon have lots of new playmates to spend time with.
    Constantly reminding and bringing up the big day could result in making your child feel very anxious.
  • Try to keep your worries to yourself as children are very impressionable and will pick up on negative vibes.
  • When it comes to leaving them at the school gate don’t break down in tears and act like you will never see them again. This will make them concerned about the day ahead and might spark a difficult and embarrassing situation where they don’t want to leave you ether. Simply act calm and collected. After all it is only six hours!
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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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