Do females have a more ‘fluid’ sexuality?

An increasing mound of evidence is suggesting that more and more women are reaching midlife and experiencing a change in sexuality.

A study of female sexuality is to be presented to the American Psychological Association’s annual meeting in August and has found there has been a large growth in the number of women who reach 30 and switch their sexuality.

For many years there have been questions about whether or not our sexual preferences are fixed from early life or whether it is subject to change over time.

Experts have explored the idea of female sexuality being more ‘fluid’ than that of a mans, which has been indicated many times by women who have maintained longterm relationships and marriages, during which they felt happy and fulfilled, before developing lesbian or bisexual feelings when they reach middle age.

Some psychologists are suggesting that women are drawn to each other as a result of emotional empathy and a shared capacity to discuss thoughts and feelings. Women tend to have much closer relationships with their female friends than they do with other men and this could be a large contributing factor to female, female attraction.

The stigma attached to homosexuality is gradually lessening and becoming more socially acceptable and with women such as TV presenter Mary Portas, who left her husband to live with her now partner Grazia fashion features editor Melanie Ricky setting an example and acting as important role models we may begin to see an even larger increase in the number of women changing their sexuality.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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