Why eat at the table?

Our children learn from the examples we as adults set for them and it is often the simplest of things that will help them along in their development.

Recent research has suggested that work commitments flout 52 percent of people’s dinner plans, whilst 91 percent of people believe dinner was the best time to catch up with family.

Gathering round a table to eat as a family teaches children to develop social skills such as etiquette and will also encourage them to develop their conversation in a very natural environment.

It is very typical for children of a young age to mirror the behaviour of their parents or another adult during mealtimes, so what better opportunity is there to provide them with a perfect example of immaculate social skills?

One of the best things about this simple tip is that it brings the family together even if for only a short while per day. Family meals are hugely interesting and dynamic, so voice opinions and feelings and reconnect with the family. Many of us spend far less time with our families than we would like to so use this time wisely to find out about each others likes, dislikes and general life.

As mentioned earlier etiquette and manners are an important feature of upbringing so the basic skill of learning to use a knife and fork can be learned in a very natural environment.

Parenting and child behavioural expert Eileen Hayes says: ‘For many families the evening meal is the best opportunity to spend quality time together. Eating the meal on the sofa in front of the TV can reduce the opportunities for communication between family members and impact on the development of children’s social skills and good family relationships.’

So next time the dinner has just finished cooking and you are all ready to go and sit in front of the T.V, why not set the table and enjoy some good quality family time?

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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