Stress relieving breathing techniques

If you have recently found yourself gazing into space when you should be working a little more often than you’d like then it may be you need to adopt certain techniques which will help you to maintain your concentration and eliminate negative thoughts.

A fantastic start is a simple set of breathing techniques which will give you a little break from your thoughts and will help you to achieve a state of peace and calm where you are able to concentrate:

1.Start by inhaling and ether thinking or voicing mantra’s revolving around calmness. For instance inhale and say ‘I am’, then exhale and say calm. Repeat this around 15 times and you will notice that your mind was focussing on the exercise and not on other things. No tension from your thoughts will instantly leave you feeling much calmer.

2.Inhale for one second and exhale for one second and then increase the number of second by one until your reach seven seconds. Again you’ll find that you were not focussing on something else.

3.Focus on positive thoughts which make you feel calm, happy and positive. In doing this you will find you day is more successful, happy and positive. Try to do this thinking about only one thing at a time which will increase your energy for completing that task .

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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