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Author and psychologist Oliver James blames mothers for naughty children

Oliver James is a psychologist, broadcaster and author of a new and somewhat controversial novel. In his new book How Not to F*** Them Up, Oliver claims that it is mothers who go out to work and leave their children in day care who are responsible for their child’s bad behaviour.

The controversial new book says that mothers should try to avoid leaving their children in the care of others for long periods of time and if possible should avoid working outside of the home.

Working mothers may find this approach to parenting sexist and outdated but James remains steadfast in his belief that young children need to be in the presence of adults who are responsive and loving at all times and warns that it is the children who spend much of their time in day care that are the ones associated with disobedience and aggressiveness.

James also argues that traditional disciplinary methods such as sending a child to the naughty step or taking away privileges often causes the child to repeat their bad behaviour as opposed to realising their wrongdoings.

Of course parents want to spend as much time with their children as possible but is advising mums to work from home really the best option?

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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