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Italian divorce fair offers help to struggling couples

Italy is holding its first divorce fair, to help couples of the verge of marriage break ups.

The fair which is being held in Milan features a number of services including life coaching, beauty tips and advice on how to get rid of ex-spouses who turn into stalkers. There will also be a speed dating evening as well as art therapy and spa offers which aim to boost self esteem.

The organisers hope that all of the above events will help divorcing couples through the legal proceedings as well as helping people adapt to living on their own once again.

Though divorce was made legal in Italy in the 1970s traditionally it is frowned upon, a view which was reflected in the countries low divorce rate until quite recently during which there has been a dramatic rise. The process can often take up to three years, including two years of separation and a year more for the legal process.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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