How to educate your child about sex

The ‘birds & the bees’ explanation is one of the most anticipated / dreaded / important conversations of parenthood and that is why its essential that we get it right. The thought of it might make you cringe to within an inch of your life but talking about sex doesn’t have to be taxing… or embarrassing.

Here are a few tips from ivillage to help you on your way:

– Firstly do not fall into the trap of tainting sex as something negative, especially if you are revealing this information to a child who is ‘in love’ because they will undoubtedly ignore your advice. Admit that sexuality is positive.

– Surveys have revealed that girls know far more information about their bodies and sexual urges than boys do. It probably has a little to do with the fact that menstruation is an easy topic to start with, wet dreams and ejaculation are not. Don’t ignore discussing these topics with a boy because you feel embarrassed as this will only make them feel that their feelings are unnatural.

– The discussion should vary for boys and girls as both need different instructions. For girls an extremely important point is learning to very firmly say no, looking a boy directly in the eyes. If a girl looks away and says nothing, this can be misinterpreted by a boy who then continues with his sexual advances. Boys on the other hand need to be warned about assuming consent.

– In todays society, oral sex is considered by many as casual and convenient. Stress to them that any exchange of bodily fluids cab results in STDs or HIV.

For the full list of helpful tips please visit the original article here.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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