Is it possible to care too much?

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, a psychologist from Cambridge has recently conducted research which shows that certain brains are more receptive to interpreting and responding to the feelings (usually female) of others, whereas others are highly skilled at dealing with technical issues such as numeracy and spatial awareness ( usually men).

According to Cohen we all have the ability to possess both emotional and technical awareness, though not to the extreme which autism causes where there is no emotional connection at all.

There are certain steps you can take if you feel like you are allowing your self to become too emotionally attached to someone else’s issue.

Firstly make sure you are aware of when you become overwhelmed, this way you can take a step back.

Next you need to be able to realise that even if someone is unhappy, it doesn’t mean you must solve the issue for them.

The last and most important point of all is that you don’t just empathise with the bad things. Remember that good things happen all the time so don’t let them out weigh the bad.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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