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Useful tips to encourage self esteem within children

In a nutshell, self esteem is your personal belief that you have value and worth, its hugely important in terms of happiness and it contributes to our ability to form good relationships.

We usually think of low self esteem as something that happens to teenagers and adults and forget that it can often affect how children feel. Good self esteem in children enables them to feel proud of what they do and will give them the courage to try new things in the future.

In order to nurture self esteem in children it is important to really listen to what they say, show an interest and actively ask questions. This will encourage them to initiate more conversations in the future and will build their confidence. Of course we all know that children can sometimes find it difficult to articulate themselves, it will take them longer to reach the point than an adult so be patient and don’t rush them.

Speak to them using encouraging words, letting them know their positive qualities and telling them when they do something really well. Make a list of what your child is good at and ask them to add on what they aspire to be good at. Stick this on the fridge and this will be a constant reminder to both you and them of what they are good at.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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