Seven day sleep makeover

Its all very well knowing what makes a good nights sleep, such as sticking to a routine and not drinking caffeine after dinner, but actually implementing these little rules is easier said than done. Surviving on only a few measly hours sleep a night will obviously make you tired, not to mention the other side effects such as making you more prone to illness. If you really are finding it difficult to find your way to slumberland then netdoctor has come up with a weeks worth of tips that will have you snoozing like a dream before you know it.

Sunday: Keep a sleep diary
Write down the time you went to bed, the total time you slept, if you woke up what time was this? What did you do or take? The foods you ate and your moods before and after. After a couple of weeks you’ll be able to pick out things that hinder your sleeping.

Monday : buy good curtains
If its not totally dark in your room then your chances of sleeping well are lowered. When its dark our pineal gland releases melatonin, the hormone which promotes deep sleep. Even little lights given off by your phone charging, a TV on standby or an alarm clock can disturb sleep without you realising so its best to keep these things to a minimum. If you don’t fancy removing all beeping, flashing electrical alliances from your bedroom then investing in an eyemask is highly recommended.

Tuesday: try supplements

According to nutritionists B vitamins are essential for stress relief and sleep.
Amino Acid L-theanine has also been proved to promote good quality sleep.

Wednesday: de-electrify
One in three of us fiddles with our phone in bed, texting or making phone calls and one in five of us browse the web or play video games in bed. Beds are for sleeping so give it a rest!

Thursday: try hypnosis
The transition from consciousness into hypnotic trance will slow the brainwaves and guide you into a state thats ideal for sleep.

Friday: Eat Right

Saturday: Stick to your routine

Going to bed and waking up at the same time everyday will help to regulate sleep patterns so soon you will become sleepy and wake up at the same time each day.

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Written by Emma Hilton
Written by Emma Hilton
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