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Feeling tired may seem like something we all go through, but general tiredness is extremely different to feeling exhausted all the time and feeling like you can’t even lift your head from the pillow. If your fatigue has got to the stage where you are struggling at work then it is time to take action.

Although fatigue is one of the commonest reasons for visiting the doctor, rarely are they able to find a definite reason as to why this is happening. In fact less than 10 per cent of patients receive a concrete reason or diagnosis for this problem. However that doesn’t mean to say you’ll never solve the problem.

Your GP will usually look for evidence of reduced function in the thyroid glands or kidneys and for diabetes or abnormal liver function. If the tests come back normal then it is difficult to determine the route of the problem.
Depression is often a problem which causes fatigue, as is any kind of psychological issue such as stress, anxiety or poor sleep. However, no definite explanation can be found and we don’t know enough yet about how the body works to be able to understand fully what causes the body to malfunction.

The first thing you should do is contact your GP to see if they can establish the problem. If not then start doing your own little investigation and think about certain things you could change about your lifestyle that could be causing you tiredness.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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