Do flirtatious texts equal infidelity?

It would seem that everyone is at it. Cheryl Cole has allegedly ended her marriage because of it, Tiger Woods got himself into a pickle over it and even that nice Vernon Kay has been doing it. Sex texting seems to be the preferred choice of infidelity.

It may not be physical but nevertheless can be just as damaging to a relationship. Growing technology has now made it simple to text flirt, send videos or pictures and generally are a dangerous weapon that could spell the end of a relationship.

Even when the texts are just texts and do not progress to anything physical the damage is still done. Any trust that was there will disappear as your partner creates a world that you are excluded from.

It is keeping secrets from your partner that is damaging. The Telegraph explains that idealising someone to whom you have constant access is never a good thing. There are some couples who manage to negotiate and create boundaries, but for most it is a dangerous game.

On the opposing side is Penny Mansfield, director of the relationship research organisation One Plus One. She said, “We tend to stress the damage technology can do to relationships, but a lot of people are using it to sort out problems.”

She used the example of many couples using text and email to confront topics that they are too afraid to discuss face to face. She even goes as far to say that in some cases, sexting can play a positive role in relationships. Often the texting doesn’t lead to anything physical but it is a way of an unhappy or frustrated partner to get through a difficult point in their relationship.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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